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Education & Training
FlightMedix believes Education and Training is second to none in this ever changing world of
emergency medicine. While
Repetition is the mother of skill, the Fundamentals continuously
retaught throughout your career are the cornerstone of understanding medical and traumatic
pathophysiology.  Coupled with experience, our training is what develops and maintains TRUE
emergency medical field professionals!

The FlightMedix Education & Training Division (EdTra) is
currently developing a system to
facilitate online and nationwide on-site education programs to provide training for military and
civilian organizations, offering a variety of operational emergency medicine related courses.
Advanced Airway & Cardiac Course
In this comprehensive 48 hour course, you will learn simple airway algorythms that allow for an organized
approach to any emergency airway situation and face the most challenging patient scenarios including ICP,
pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus, FBOA, and more, in a 'no-rsik" environment.
This course also includes topics that cover proper lead placement, axis and hemiblock determination,
bundle branch blocks, differentiating wide & narrow complex tachycardia, myocardial infarction recognition
atrial & ventricular hypertrophy, drug & electrolyte changes, acute coronary syndromes and case based
presentations. Students also learn the incredible benefits gained from full ETCO2 monitoring and waveform
assessment and will review A&P of the respiratory system, the role of capnography in cases of cardiac
arrest to COPD.
EMT-Paramedic Refresher Course
The 48-hour EMT-Paramedic Refresher Course is a review of the skills and knowledge covered in the
EMT-Paramedic Course and meets Category 1 required hours for re-certification for the National Registry.
The EMT-Paramedic Refresher Course is a vehicle to inform participants of changes in emergency care
such as new equipment, current science, research, and updates from the American Heart Association in
addition to issues of general concern to EMS providers.  This course also provides the student with a BLS
renewal, ACLS renewal, PALS renewal, and ITLS Provider certification.
Tactical Flight Medic Course
Our Tactical Flight Medic Course is designed to enhance EXPERIENCED medical and flight personnel with
the advanced skills necessary to perform in critical care SAR, CSAR, and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)
operations as a Flight Medic and Aircrew member.

This intense 7-day course covers a myriad of  
subjects and renews certifications in:
-Physiology challenges in aviation
-Advanced Airway Techniques
-Advance IV Therapy
-Advanced ECG and 12-Lead Interpretation
-Advanced Cardiac Life Support
-Pediatric Advanced Life Support
-International Trauma Life Support
Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course
Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) is a “hands-on” course specifically developed for personnel
requiring special tactics and/or immediate trauma skills during battlefield, remote care, prolonged transport,
where unique rescue and/or environmental conditions exist. TCCC distinguishes itself from the civilian-
based pre-hospital emergency medicine by focusing primarily on the intrinsic tactical variables of
penetrating trauma compounded by prolonged evacuation times.  This curriculum is quickly becoming the
standard of care for the tactical management of combat casualties within the U.S. Military and is the sole
EMT’s for casualty management in tactical environments.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care is built around three definitive phases of casualty care:

Care Under Fire:
Care rendered at the scene of the injury while both the medic and the casualty are under hostile fire. Available medical
equipment is limited to that carried by each operator and the medic.

Tactical Field Care:
Rendered once the casualty is no longer under hostile fire. Medical equipment is still limited to that carried into the field by
mission personnel. Time prior to evacuation may range from a few minutes to many hours.

Tactical Evacuation Care (TACEVAC):
Rendered while the casualty is evacuated to a higher echelon of care. Any additional personnel and medical equipment pre-
staged in these assets will be available during this phase.

TCCC is a level based program exclusively designed to instruct the training in an individual or joint format,
allowing both the operators and medical providers to participate in a course of instruction simultaneously at
a level of training, skill, and interest for all members of the unit. The learning base is potentiated by utilizing
customized scenarios developed to employ all aspects of your team's mission and the complications they
may face.
Online Skill Training
A dynamic learning tool that reviews cardiac anatomy. HeartWorks includes the mechanical and electrical
structures of the heart.

Cardiac Lab
A dynamic set of ACLS testing tools that offers randomly generated quizzes, covering ACLS algorithms,
drugs, rhythms, cardiac anatomy and emergencies.

Cardiac Dictionary
A fast and simple resource that defines over 500 cardiac terms.